Other Roles

If you have roles that are not within our other list of services, you may request for The Virtual Connexon to source and hire specialised roles which are your required for your business. As long as these positions are able to be worked remotely, using a computer and a mobile phone, we would be able to source these candidates for you. 

Our clients have requested us to source some of these specialised roles. We would take between two to three weeks to source for these candidates. These candidates would then undergo our comprehensive and rigorous recruitment process, before we present them to our clients.  

Our Guarantee:

Free Replacement

Not satisfied with our service? Replace your Remote Employee

No Minimum Hours

You are not stipulated to any minimum no. of hours per month

Why Choose Us?

At The Virtual Connexion, our priority is the satisfaction of our clients! Apart from being in the recruitment industry since 2011, below are some of the reasons why our clients have chosen to work with us. 

Being in the recruitment industry since 2011, we only select the top 5% of thousands of candidates that send applications to us.

All our Remote Employees have undergone through our comprehensive and rigorous recruitment process.

Our recruitment process involves video interviews, language assessment, customer service assessment, technical assessments and tests.
Our clients do not have to purchased a fixed number of hours on a monthly basis. We give the flexibility to our clients. We grow when our clients grow.

Some of our clients are not able to forecast how many hours they need the employee to work one or two months in advance.

Therefore, we provide weekly hiring of our Remote Employees for our clients, so, our clients can determine schedules for our Remote Employee from week to week, as opposed to having to determine one or two months in advance.
If a Remote Employee does not perform up to your standards, you may easily request for a replacement Remote Employee whom you could immediately interview and who can start work for you as soon as possible.

This is vastly different to hiring full-time office based employees, where if you had to let go of under-performing employees or unsuitable employees, it would be a difficult and complicated process and would likely have to go through the legal process or labor courts.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Intime Business Company, your satisfaction is guaranteed! If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning service, simply call us within 48 hours.
You will be able to monitor your Remote
Employees’ work, communicate with them, share documents and be kept up-to-date with their work via our Project Management system.

Before our Remote Employees begin any work for you, we will give you access to our Project Management system.
You would also be able to monitor the hours that your Remote Employees are working on your tasks and projects for you.

Your Remote Employees are required to log into our online time-tracking management system before they start work for the day and when they finish their work for the day.