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The Virtual Connexion provides Remote Employee services for companies who are looking to expand their remote teams or looking to start hiring remote teams. Having been in the recruitment and staffing industry since 2011, we understand that hiring, whether it is for fulltime office-based employees or hiring freelancers, can be a problem for some organizations. We also understand that that organizations are either forced to adopt a fully-remote work environment or a hybrid work environment ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is why, at The Virtual Connexion, the Remote Employees that we select go through a rigorous recruitment process which include video interviews, language assessments, technical assessments and customer service skills assessments. By working with the team at The Virtual Connexion, our clients are assured that they will be working with freelancers that have been verified, validated and carefully selected by a management team that is highly experienced and well versed in the recruitment and staffing industry.

Furthermore, our clients will not have to worry about under-performing employees as we would replace any employees which do not match up to the standards of our clients. Our clients will also not have to worry about payroll and benefits as these will be taken care of by our team at The Virtual Connexion.

About Our Remote Employees

Our clients have a dedicated Remote Employee who will be directly answerable and accountable to our clients and their team. Our Remote Employees will always strive to ensure a high degree of care and efficiency into their work and to submit their work in a timely manner.

  • Our Remote Employees have all undergone our rigorous hiring process.
  • Only the top 5% of those that applied have been considered to work with us.
  • Our Remote Employees have at least a College Diploma / a Bachelors’ Degree. They have at least 5 years of work experience in their specialized field.
  • They are all fluent in the English Language.
  • Our Remote Employees always prioritise in providing excellent customer service.
  • Our Remote Employees put strong emphasis on meeting reasonable deadlines, while maintaining high quality of work.
  • Our Remote Employees are predominantly based in South East Asia.

Why Hire Us

  • Scale Your Workforce Without Increasing Costs
  • Busy Season vs Low Season – Control Your Budget by Fluctuating the Employees’ Weekly Work Hours
  • No Minimum Hours Requirement
  • Reduce Operational Costs by 80%
  • All Remote Employees Are Fluent in English
  • Easily Monitor Your Virtual Employees Using Our Project Management Platform (Together with an App)
  • Our Remote Employees have undergone a careful and rigorous recruitment process
  • All Our Remote Employees Have a Minimum 5 – 8 Years of Related Work Experience

Full-Time Employees vs. Remote Employees

Full-Time Employees
  • Higher salary cost
  • Recruitment & training cost
  • Not able to scale number of employees without increasing operational expenses, such as computers, telephones, desks, chairs and electricity
  • No replacement if employee goes on annual leave, emergency leave, paternity or maternity leave
  • Takes a very long time to replace if employee is not performing
Remote Employees
  • Lower fee, No salary
  • No recruitment & training cost
  • Able to scale number of employees without increasing operational expenses
  • No need to pay Remote Employee’s Provident Fund, Pension Fund, Social Security or Insurance
  • A replacement will be provided immediately & ready to begin work without training
  • Get a replacement immediately if a Remote Employee does not perform up to your standards

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