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Branding — one of the most important aspects of establishing a company that’s often overlooked as just another marketing strategy. Psychologically, the purpose of a branding lies deeper than that. To connect with consumers and your audience on a personal level, it is extremely important for one to practice the psychology of branding. This includes, establishing trust towards your consumers by providing the same experience throughout your business, such as the tone of voice, color palette and logo. Many businesses apparently, do not understand this, but branding is indeed a powerful tool that could make or break a business.


To summarise branding psychology, it’s divided into four main principles:


  • Colour psychology
  • Pattern recognition
  • In-groups and a sense of belonging
  • The 5 brand personalities


These may be terms that you’ve never heard before but by implementing them in your business, it could garner an immense amount of support both virtually and physically due to the trust established by your consumers as well as audience towards your business. Now, to look at the downside of incorporating brand psychology, it is indeed time consuming.


The arduous process of deciding the font and colour scheme to match the brand’s identity would be difficult especially if you’re stuck with using a non user-friendly interface that’s complicated. Well, fret not because here are 5 graphic designing applications (that’s not part of Adobe) to help create your brand.


5 Easy to Use Tools to Create Your Brand


1) Canva


With millions of free templates to choose from, Canva is one of the most powerful tools available online that could transform your business pages instantly. It has competitive features that puts it on the same pedestal as the Adobe applications but with an added uniqueness; it is extremely easy to use. From making basic photo edits to creating a social media post, Canva could do it all.


Select from a list of editable templates and start customizing them to match your company’s aesthetics. While some features and templates are only available for their premium subscribers, the free stuff that you could get on Canva is more than sufficient to kick start your company’s branding journey. If you still insist on having a premium subscription, instead of paying for it, you could actually get it for free, depending on your company type. At the moment, a free account for Canva Pro is only available for students and nonprofits.



  • Free
  • 90 for Canva Pro


(Source: Canva)


2) Mailchimp


Emails don’t have to be boring. With an app like Mailchimp to help your company thrive through email marketing, interesting emails could actually be a unique factor to your company’s branding journey. With digital marketing being a game changer for most businesses and brands, it’s never too late for your company to perhaps, start a monthly newsletter for your fellow customers.


MailChimp seamlessly does all that by integrating various key features such as automated emails and a simple email builder template that effectively outlines your marketing campaign’s call to action. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of building an email either from scratch or by using the provided template, fret not, as MailChimp provides tutorials and guidelines as you progressively design your email.



  • Free (Lesser than 2000 contacts)
  • Essentials (Lesser than 50000 contacts : From $11)
  • Standard (Lesser than 100,000 contacts : From $17)
  • Premium (Lesser than 100,000 contacts : From $299)


(Source: Mailchimp)


3) Wix


Looking for a website builder to build your website from scratch but you seem to have no time to build it? Well, look no further as Wix is here to save the day. Now, to build a website, Wix has provided its users with two ways to do it. The first one, would be to of course, build it yourself, but with the help of pre-made templates. Using a wide array of fonts, colour schemes and add-on features, Wix makes the art of website designing, an easy feat.


If you have absolutely no time to create a website using this feature, Wix has another trick up its sleeve to solve this issue. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Wix helps make a website for you. By answering a few questions regarding your business and your vision for your company’s website, your website would be ready in a few minutes. If you’re unhappy with the design of the website, you could choose to edit the website created by Wix instead. Isn’t that flexible?



  • Free
  • Business VIP ($35 per month)
  • Business Unlimited ($25 per month)
  • Business Basic ($17 per month)


(Source: Wix)


4) Hatchful by Shopify


The key feature of a business is an interesting yet simplistic logo. This is mainly because the logo serves as the face of the business and without it, well, there will be no business. Contrary to popular belief that a logo could just be the name of your business written in a cursive format, for that added flair of sophistication, this is not true.


You might want to look into more ways to make your logo. Hatchful by Shopify gets this job done quickly. All you’ll have to do is to answer a few questions about your business, just like Wix and voila! You’ll have a sophisticated and professional-looking logo in no time.


Price: Free


(Source: hatchful.shopify)


5) Visme


Just like Canva, Visme is an interactive designing application however, unlike Canva which focuses more on the needs of the general public, Visme gives an emphasis on businesses. The website is filled with templates needed for presentation slides and marketing materials, providing business owners with more choices to upgrade their marketing campaign.


The company’s aim to help business owners build a solid marketing campaign could be observed by looking at the in-site features that enable users to save logos, color palettes, fonts, and other aspects of branding in the Brand Kit subsection. Besides that, Visme enables users to use marketing information for Google Analytics, HubSpot, Jotform, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, and Typeform!




Basic: Free

Personal: $12.25 per month

Business: $ 24.75 per user or per month


(Source: Visme)




Building a brand’s identity is to no doubt, a difficult task. However, every business owner or CEO would have to learn to tackle this problem in a smart way. By using these applications, creating a solid brand identity topped off with a good marketing campaign, would no longer be a daunting task. Of course, you could also hire a freelance or a full-time graphic designer to assist you and your organization on creating a more creative and unique design.







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